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Care Plans


$115prepaid rate


$100prepaid rate


$90prepaid rate

Services Details Savings of: 23% Savings of: 33% Savings of: 40%
Minutes per machine or device per month 15 min 15 min 15 min
Minimum hours per month 1.5h 6h 15h
Minimum hours per quarter 5h 18h 45h
Server hours per month 1h to 1.5h 1h to 1.5h 1h to 1.5h
Recommend for 1-3 workstations, no server 3-10 workstations, one server 10-50 workstations, multiple servers
Contact phone 602-424-1700 phone 602-424-1700 phone 602-424-1700


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Managed IT Services for Preventative and Proactive Support