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Julie Young has been providing support for the HRSA CAREWare program since 2000 in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and has worked in conjunction with data collection assessments for the Ryan White Part A office. During this time TriYoung has worked with sixteen primary non-profit agencies to implement CAREWare and with the grantee office to facilitate reporting requirements and transition of stand alone databases to a central database housed on Maricopa County Information Technology facilities.

TriYoung has provided support for the fiscal and programmatic monitoring for the Phoenix, EMA. This scope included supervising program analyst staff, developing internal monitoring tools/ policies/procedures. Provide workflow analysis to evaluate and make recommendations to existing processes and procedures. Provide accounting level staffing to develop, perform and review provider fiscal activities during the GY-2007 site visits. Provide data entry level staff to assist with data collection needs for both Quality Management and the Administrative Agent areas of the Phoenix, EMA. Develop and provide training modules to implement the policies and procedures set forth by the Phoenix, EMA.

Assistance Provided:

Information Technology Support Services

Services from 2000 to current have been for implementing and supporting an EMA wide Client Level Data database system utilizing the CAREWare program developed by HRSA specifically for Ryan White funded organizations.

CAREWare Software for Managing and Monitoring HIV Care

In order to meet funding requirements, service providers funded by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program must complete the Ryan White Program Data Report (RDR) detailing information on all the clients they served during the course of a calendar year. RW CAREWare is free, scalable software application for managing and monitoring HIV clinical and supportive care and will quickly produce a completed RDR.

For more information:

August 2008 – Grantee Conference Documents

When converting to the Centralized version of CAREWare these documents can assist you with how to prioritize the implementation process and examples of how the Phoenix EMA has setup CAREWare.

As discussed at the 2008 Grantee meeting it is important to establish standards for each service category and for the use of CAREWare. The following documents provide samplings of how this was done in the Phoenix EMA.

In addition, many of the reporting needs are being met using custom reporting tools in Microsoft Access and pivot tables and charts using Microsoft Excel. Below are a couple examples of the reporting that is being done. These examples are from the Part A grant year March 1, 2007 – February 29, 2008.