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Business Continuity Planning – Your Catastophe Averted

TriYoung and Your Business Continuity Plan

     How many catastrophes can you remember occurring during your lifetime?  I’m talking about things that affected thousands of people – – and businesses.  Since I am undoubtedly older than most of you my list will probably be longer than yours, but we can all relate to the latest – -the Boston Marathon Bombing.  The question is, how many companies in the Boylston Street area in Boston had business totally disrupted because they did not have a Business Continuity Plan?

“The statistics are staggering regarding businesses that do not have a proven Continuity Plan, or any Continuity Plan, in place,” Julie Young of TriYoung Business Solutions, Inc. in Glendale, Arizona, who specializes in Computer Services in Phoenix shared.  “And that can prove to be almost as devastating as the events that mandate the need for one.”

The stats Young alluded to are:

  • 16% of companies surveyed said they don’t need a Plan
  • The closure rate for businesses affected by a major incident within two years is 80%
  • Business that lose data due to a disaster have a 90% closure rate within two years

It is obvious that if you haven’t already done so you need to confer with your IT Support in Phoenix and make sure that they have Business Continuity Solutions in Phoenix available for you. Your IT Solutions should include a clear understanding of what a Business Continuity Plan is, and ways to verify that it will “work” when the time comes.

“There are a couple of viable definitions for a Business Continuity Plan,” Young advised, “and it is, of course, important that you have a firm grasp of them before you design your plan.”

A “standard” definition is: “A series of contingencies that enable key business activities to continue to function in the most difficult of circumstances.”  Claims Management Magazine defines it as, “The process of identifying internal and external threats and establishing specific plans to continue operations under adverse conditions.”  Regardless of the definition you prefer, it is important that you have a plan.  And, there are four steps in creating a proper one:

  • Know your own Business – – Especially the critical components – facilities, IT Systems and people!
  • Determine the risks to these components, and ask a lot of “What ifs…”
  • Create a Plan to ensure the continuation of business during a catastrophe.
  • Test and Revamp the plan.  A poor time to discover that you miscalculated in an area is during an actual disaster!

“Having a plan that was drafted in 2001 after 9-11 and thinking you are ‘covered’ is like having a Commodore 64 and thinking you are on the cutting edge of computer technology,” Young advised.  “Even worse than that,” she continued, “would be to have a circa 2001 plan and not taking a look at it since it was drafted.”

From preserving vital data to ensuring vendor and supply lines stay open, your Business Continuity Plan truly is a necessity in 21st Century America.  If you have questions regarding how you can benefit through the efforts of an IT Services provider in regard to those important issue, you may want to contact TriYoung Solutions at 602-424-1700 and Julie and her staff would be happy to assist you in determining the things that you might be lacking with your current Business Continuity Plan .

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