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TriYoung Knows IT Services is “Big Business”

     Now that the 21st Century is well anchored in time, “It’s not your Grandpa’s business world” is a reality we all must accept, even those of us who consider ourselves “technological dinosaurs.” And, because by attending to our business we can’t possibly keep up with all of the changes in the world of technology, the idea of seeking an IT Services company has become a necessity and not a luxury!

“To give you some idea of just how big the Computer Services business is,” Julie Young of TriYoung Business Solutions, Inc. in Glendale, Arizona, who specializes in IT Services shared, “you need only consider that in 2013 Global tech spending is forecasted to hit $3.8 billion!”

This represents a 4.1% increase over last year.  A partial breakdown of these numbers show that IT Services spending will increase by 4.5% to some $918 billion; Data Center Systems expenditures will jump to $146 billion, up 3.7% and monies spent on Devices will rise 7.9% to $718 billion.

“With that kind of money being spent, it’s not surprising that IT Services companies are becoming a major player in the world market as well,” Young pointed out.

Young’s comment is supported by the fact that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a Netherlands-based IT Services firm, has just been named Europe’s top company to work for in 2013.

“We are pleased to have rated the foremost employer across Europe,” D.P. Nambiar of TCS stated.  Nambiar cited the fact that employees are the greatest assets of any company, and TCS has worked diligently to retain their key personnel.

While most of us are not in the market for a firm the size of TCS, we do want to find a firm that meets our needs.  That’s why we need to arm ourselves with as much information and knowledge as we can when we make our choice.
“There are several things you will want to keep in mind during your search,” Young suggested, “including the scope of IT services you are hoping to have provided.”

She was, of course, referring to such issues as IT Consulting; IT Solutions: IT Support; and Business Continuity Planning.  To assist you in your search for an IT Services company, consider the following points:

  • Identify your IT outsourcing goals up front
  • Decide which type of IT Services provider is best suited for your company
  • Don’t let ROI be your only concern
  • Remember that “industry expertise” is not necessarily an advantage
  • Verify “compatibility” between your firm and your IT Services provider

“Unfortunately,” Young said, a pang of regret obvious in her voice, “not everyone in our industry is as scrupulous as one would hope.  So, make sure are choosing a company that has your best interest in mind.”

Young suggested three questions you will want to ask yourself each time an IT Services provider presents a proposal to you:

  • Does the solution suggested actually address a need or issue that I have?
  • How does this technology apply to my business?
  • Will this technology help me generate more business by increasing revenue or productivity?

If you have questions regarding how you can benefit through the efforts of a IT Services provider you may want to contact TriYoung Solutions at 602-424-1700 and Julie and her staff would be happy to assist you in determining the things that you might be lacking with your current IT Solutions program .

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Article written by Floyd Allen, professional writer for TriYoung Business Solutions

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Care Plans


$115prepaid rate


$100prepaid rate


$90prepaid rate

Services Details Savings of: 23% Savings of: 33% Savings of: 40%
Minutes per machine or device per month 15 min 15 min 15 min
Minimum hours per month 1.5h 6h 15h
Minimum hours per quarter 5h 18h 45h
Server hours per month 1h to 1.5h 1h to 1.5h 1h to 1.5h
Recommend for 1-3 workstations, no server 3-10 workstations, one server 10-50 workstations, multiple servers
Contact phone 602-424-1700 phone 602-424-1700 phone 602-424-1700


  • Prepaid Rate, the hours that are prepaid each period
  • discounted hourly rates, the hours that are used above the prepaid rate
    • – Prepaid Hours may be changed throughout the contract period to minimize overage
  • One year commitment requirement with annual renewals

Additional Services Available

  • Database Administration / Custom Programming
  • Email Hosting & Archival Services
  • Offsite Backup Services
  • Business Continuity Planning & Consulting
  • Wiring, Phone and Audio Video Services through partners

Included in All Care Plans

Managed IT Services for Preventative and Proactive Support

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Onsite Travel Fees are waived
  • Help Desk – Onsite/Remote
    • – Immediate Page to Technical Team
    • – 24/7 Emergency and After Hours Support
  • 24/7 System Monitoring Services – Backups, Anti-Virus, Server Health
    • – Automated System Maintenance via Managed Service Agent
    • – Microsoft Security Patch Management
    • – Anti-Virus and Spyware subscriptions
    • – Email Reputation Services for On-Premise Email Servers
    • – Priority Response Time
    • – Remote Management and Support
    • – System Documentation
    • – Periodic Technology Audit
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TriYoung Business Solution’s Phoenix IT Services

Technical Projects and Procurement

Our team manages IT projects from project design, implementation and procurement. Our team performs a needs assessment and develops a strategy to ensure success of the project. We negotiate procurement through varies hardware manufacturers to ensure best price on business class equipment built to be in service for three to five years. A dedicated project manager is assigned to ensure all project components are completed as specified. Upon completion the IT infrastructure is documented and provided to the client for reference.

Database Administration and Programming

Our team includes staff dedicated to database administration and programming services that round out our IT expertise. Most organizations have third party applications or custom applications that require to be managed with the infrastructure of the organization. It is not unusual for IT support organizations to seek these services from a third party vendor. At TriYoung, we are able to provide this level of complete support from internal team members.

Cloud Based Services

Our network operations center has a variety of cloud based services available for our clients that require them. These services include, but are not limited to: offsite backups, hosted email reputation, hosted Exchange email, hosted server applications.

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Company Profile

TriYoung Business Solutions has been serving the valley since 1998 and is committed to providing affordable, state of the art computer solutions to the small-medium size business.

Founder Julie Young, born and raised in Phoenix has over 18 years experience working with computerized systems. Currently they have a staff of 5 that are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. Their experience and expertise provide insight on proven products to create a productive business environment.

TriYoung Business Solutions, Inc. focuses on providing stable ongoing support and planning services to the small and medium size business market.

Technology solutions are based upon the following principles:

  1. Technology decisions are to be based upon the need to provide computer resources to end users that are proven, sound and reduce unplanned downtime that affect the daily operations of the organization. This area includes the areas of security, maintenance, documentation and disaster recovery.
  2. Technology decisions are to be based upon the organizations current and future business needs. What technology is implemented, managed and is recommended will be based on yesterday’s lessons, today’s needs and tomorrow’s desires.
  3. Technology decisions include appropriate lifecycles to provide proper technology budgets to support the organizations current and future business needs. TriYoung works to focus on identifying current needs, but also focus the organization on what they will need over the next 5 years. Once the needs are identified (which change over time) they will implement solutions that are designed to minimize support costs and expenses. These solutions are consistent with the organizations long term technology plan and designed to protect the organizations investment in technology.
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